November Is Here!

Today was November 1, 2015.  The strange thing about that is it feels like just yesterday we were welcoming summer, and already the Christmas decorations are popping up in the stores.  Well, actually they were popping up a couple of weeks ago but they were easier to ignore with all of the Halloween and fall decor that was available.  Now, it has all been marked down at a deep discount to make way for Christmas cheer.  I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge, but we still have one more beautiful fall holiday before Christmas to look forward to, so please don’t rush it.  Christmas will be here before you know it, followed by the cold, grey, endlessly dark winter.

 Keeping with fall, I wanted to share a couple of pictures I have taken over the past couple of days.  This one was early Wednesday morning as I was taking Scotty out to potty.  I looked up and saw this beautiful sight through the kitchen skylight.
 The way the sunrise was hitting the turning leaves of the maple tree in our back neighbor’s yard made me stop and stare a moment, then grab a quick picture to share it wil y’all.  😊

This next one was Saturday morning, Halloween, when I woke up all snuggled in with the doggies and the hubs. Looking out our bedroom window it was just too pretty not to take a pic of the trees staring to turn golden, knowing that in a few weeks they will be barren and the sky will be grey with winter. 

I guess that is all for now, I’ll take the time to write more later.  😉



It’s been a while!!!

I just realized that is has been over two years since I have posted on this site.  I do not know why I have let it go so long, I guess with life in general I just lost track of things and did not have a chance to sit down and compose anything.  Tons of things have happened, and if I have a chance I will sit down and write up a summary.  Or I might just start with now and keep going forward.  With me, nothing is certain except for the fact it will be a fun ride.  🙂

Wow, What a Change!

So I have not updated in quite a while, and there is good reason for that.  We have moved from east Tennessee to north New Jersey.  What a change it has been so far!  Everything is so close and so convenient, and there are so many places to go and things to do.  I can’t wait until we get settled in better and we are able to enjoy some of the finer points NYC has to offer such as museums and shows.  To have the city so close to us is amazing.  Things are still a little crazy right now, but working out very well.  We would have been settled in by now, but we decided to paint the walls and make the room a lot prettier.  It’s worth it to wait an extra couple weeks to get everything into place to have it looking about 3,000% better.  🙂

The move itself went pretty well, we used ABF U-Pack and they take care of everything very nicely.  The picked up our stuff on time, they delivered on time, and the driver that picked up in Newport even helped us load for two and a half hours.  They went above and beyond, and that is absolutely amazing.  Anyone planning a move of any distance should definitely check them out.

I think I will cut this blog entry short, The Nanny is on and I have not watched that show in a long time.  Bye bye for now!

Video Killed the Radio Star? The Radio is Killing my Brain Cells!


So I think that it is pretty sad our local radio station that boasts ‘Today’s hottest music!’ and ‘The most hits every hour!’ seem to satisfy those claims in the following manner:

I find that ‘Today’s hottest music!’ translates to the five most popular songs among teenyboppers and teenagers at the current moment at least one every hour and a half. It is pretty sad that today alone I have heard the new Taylor Swift song at least six times since 8a. I know I have heard it at least six times because at that point I find myself remembering lyrics to songs, and I just shocked myself with how much I have memorized when it played yet again. And isn’t Taylor Swift country? Why is she playing on a rock/pop (even tho calling this stuff rock is a HUUUUGE stretch…) station?

‘The most hits every hour!’ seems to be accomplished by mixing in with those five songs loved so dearly by teenyboppers and teenagers number ones that date back all the way to the early 90s. Along with the news that rocks their little worlds. If I hear OMG JUSTIN BIEBER CUT HIS HAIR!! one more time I swear I am going to scream. This DJ is a grown man, and should not be getting that excited about this kid’s haircut.

And does this noise created by Ke$ha really count as music? I wonder if getting drunk would help it sound better. She sounds kinda drunk, so it might make sense when you are in that special state of awareness.

One would assume from their advertising they play the newest, hippest, hottest tunes. In reality, it’s just the same sad stuff they have played for the past few years with a few new bits mixed in to make it ‘fresh’.



*insert blood curling scream here*

W00t! Fantastic Friday!!

Oh my goodness has it been a beautiful week!! We came from all the snow and icy weather to temps during they day in the 60s, and that big bright ball in the sky has made a reappearance. I for one sure have missed it!!

Warmer weather means more outdoor activities, which is exciting. I love to get out and do things. I plan to pick up running again, and now that the evenings are getting longer I can possibly go after work until it starts getting hot. Then I guess it’s dragging myself out of bed again at 6am. I used to do it, and I am sure I will be able to do it again. I remember how much better I felt when I ran, how well I slept, and how much energy I had. Plus, losing some pounds isn’t a bad thing at all!

At least it is Friday, and I am hoping for a slow and fun weekend. I know that is a contradiction since time always flies when you are having fun, but I don’t care. I want it all. 😛

Funky Names

Why do people give their children such funky names nowadays? When I see a Addisyn, Kandyce, Kaycee, Jaydn, Knickki, Deztinee, or any other butchered spelling I want to ask WTF?? Can’t you spell?? Can you only imagine what these poor kids will go thru when they have to learn to spell this crap?

And WTF is with the Neveah trend?? Our society is screwed.

An Update Since Last Week

Oh mygoodness, it has been forever and a day since I have written anything for this site. I was doing pretty good for myself, and then I let it start to slack. I blame the winter blues for certain, because a couple of weeks ago we had an absolutely STUNNING weekend and I got so much stuff done around the house it wasn’t even funny. The carpets where vacuumed and shampooed, hard floors were swept and mopped, curtains were washed, and windows were cleaned. I even washed all of the bed linens and got the laundry caught up while cleaning the kitchen and living room. My least favorite household chore is doing the dishes, but luckily Barry is wonderful about doing them for me when I ask (and sometimes when I don’t). Right now the biggie is cleaning the 30 gallon fish tank, which I will try to tackle early this week. When the water evaporates down the spraybar makes a very calming waterfall noise, but it can get rather irritating when you are trying to watch a movie and it gets to a very quiet part where all you can hear is WHOOOOSH!!!!! 🙂

Work is still going pretty well. Monday mornings are growing more and more difficult, I miss the weekends so badly. Two days of being free from the time clock and being able to choose if I want to get up early or sleep in (sleeping in typically wins) are too few and too short. They need to shorten the work week to four days a week. Hey, I would happily work 10 hour days again if I could get four days a week! When I first started here the schedule was 6a-4:30p Mon. thru Thurs. with three day weekends. I miss those good ol’ days. That extra day on the weekend means a lot, you can get all the housework caught up for the week and still be able to relax, not forced to pick one or the other. Plus, I do believe workplace morale was much higher in those times. I know our paychecks were, especially if we worked that extra shift on Friday and got OT. Those days are sadly long gone, along with several other benefits we used to get. C’est la vie, I suppose.

The doggies were so adorably cute this morning, they did not want their mommy to get out of bed for work. The snuggled closer and closer each time I hit the snooze button, which made it harder and harder for me to get up. They were awake when I left, and looked so saddened that I had to go. I suggested they cuddle with their daddy (he was still snoozing away peacefully), and I assume that once I left they took me up on the offer and took their spots beside of him. I like it when they decide to wake him up. It’s hilarious to see both chihuahuas crawling and climbing all over Barry to get his attention.

I want to ask for prayers, happy thoughts, good vibes, or whatever else it is you do for two people in my life. A gentleman I used to work with named Floyd lost his job and is homeless. Poor guy is dealing with a lot of stress, and says that he has been having chest pains. Also, the mother of Julie my yoga instructor had a car accicdent last week. She survived (luckily) but blew out her knee in the collision. She has a long road of rehab before they can replace her knee, then more rehab after the surgery.

We watched the movie Up last night. It was a good little movie, and I don’t want to post much so that I don’t ruin it for those that have never seen it, but it had me crying within the first 5-10 minutes. It definately touches your heart, and if you have not seen it I highly recommend it. The dogs in it are adorable, especially Doug. 🙂

I guess that is all for now, I will put up more when I think of more. Take care!!